New Year, New Limitless Win…

Ant & Dec's Limitless Win
6th January 2023

… and new look ladder! The brand new second series of Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win is underway.

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Ant & Dec are back on our tellies with the ground-breaking format that gives contestants the chance to play for the world’s first unlimited jackpot.

The unique never-ending money ladder - which has had a makeover and is now bigger than ever! - sees contestants take on a series of questions where every answer is a number.

New Year, New Limitless Win…

Cue unrelaxing tension and drama aplenty, as contestants climb higher up the ladder than ever before, with huge cash prizes on the line.

“We got a lot of feedback after the first series with people saying, ‘This is really tense! It’s hard to watch, it’s nerve-shredding!’ and this year it’s even more so. Sorry guys!” Dec said ahead of the new series.

“We get higher up the ladder and more often. Contestants are nervous and stressed… they’re playing for very, very big sums of money. It’s really nerve-wracking. Very, very tense at times with a lot of jeopardy, but God it’s really watchable!”

From ‘How many segments are in a chocolate orange?’ and ‘How long is a man’s size 10 foot in centimetres?’ to ‘How many fingers and thumbs can be seen on The Mona Lisa?’, the boys guide contestants as they attempt to climb the Limitless ladder and bank the cash. And as ever, if they go over, even by one, they’ll crash out and leave with nothing!

“The great thing about this show is that everybody can have a go at the answers because the answer to every question is a number,” Ant adds. “You can be shouting your answers to the TV and the whole family can have a go and see who does best. You don’t need to be the brain of Britain to get involved.”

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