‘C’mon Britain, Get Talking’

Saturday Night Takeaway
21st March 2020

ITV’s Mental Wellness Campaign Returned After Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway this evening.

In light of today’s challenges Britain has never needed to talk more, and ITV once again joins forces with YoungMinds and Mind to urge the public to support one another and ultimately, to keep talking.

Just hearing someone’s voice has been shown to reduce stress levels.

The landmark mental wellness initiative was reintroduced to viewers by Ant and Dec in a broadcast encouraging viewers to reach out to those who need it most:

“Chances are you’ve just watched the show at home. A place we’re all going to be spending a bit of time over the next few weeks, “ Dec begins as the boys take their seats in an otherwise empty Takeaway studio.

“More of us will be apart or by ourselves than ever before and it’s going to be harder for some of us than others.

“Which is why it’s never been more important that we keep talking. In fact, just hearing someone's voice has been shown to reduce anxiety and distress.”

Ant continues: “So, if there’s someone you can’t be with right now, pick up the phone and show them that you care. Reach out to the ones who need it most.”

Visit for information on sources of support for viewers who can’t rely on family and friends.

‘C’mon Britain, Get Talking’

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