Ant & Dec meet their match...

22nd June 2016

Sound the brand new waxwork klaxon - the boys have unveiled their all-new figures, which will be housed at Madame Tussauds Blackpool!

And they are spookily similar to the real McCoy (or should we say, McPartlin)!

One minute you’re receiving an OBE, the next you’re being immortalized in wax! It’s all in a fortnight's work for Ant & Dec, who unveiled the brand new figures this week.

The duo’s new doppelgangers are currently hosting visitors atop an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! themed treehouse created by the Tussauds team, and naturally, are keeping it casual in the classic jungle boot and jean combo care of none other than the boys’ very own stylist.

But you’ll need to face a fun Trial of your own to reach them, as a rope bridge 30ft in the air hangs between you and the waxen wonders!

Ant & Dec meet their match...

I feel the sculptors might have been a bit too kind to Declan

We know what you’re thinking… What do the boys themselves make of their new static sidekicks?!

"The likeness of my figure is incredible,” living and breathing Ant (as we call him) says. “… Though I feel the sculptors might have been a bit too kind to Declan.

"After our prank on Olly Murs on Saturday Night Takeaway, I was a little apprehensive we would get a taste of our own medicine but we've managed to avoid getting covered in gunge."

Actual real-life Dec (as he shall now be known!) has a cunning plan for making the most of the situation.

"Next time we're presenting I'm a Celebrity we'll be able to borrow the figures and put them in front of the camera while Ant and I go for a coffee,” he says. “No one would know!”

Would that stretch to a round of golf too we wonder?!

"It's fascinating,” Dec adds. “I'd say my figure is definitely a bit better looking than Ant’s."


I'd say my figure is definitely a bit better looking than Ant’s

Ant & Dec meet their match...

And if you’re sat at home now wondering how you too could craft your very own models of our hosts with the most, let this be known before you embark on the project…!

The talented team at Madame Tussauds took four months to perfect the figures, with an experienced 20 strong team of sculptors, colourists and hair stylists all rolling up their sleeves and getting involved.

AND each one would set you back a whopping £150,000.

If you don’t fancy that, we reckon you should hotfoot it to Blackpool, race across that rope bridge and grab yourselves a selfie with the model men themselves!

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