Sir Charles Parson School's opening day

14th June 2012

The children of Sir Charles Parson School in Newcastle Upon Tyne got a big surprise recently when Ant & Dec stopped by to help celebrate the official opening of their brand new school building.

The Sir Charles Parson School is a secondary school that teaches 150 children aged between 11 and 19 who have special educational needs and severe learning difficulties.

Their school is now fully equipped with specially fitted desks, sinks and automatic doors and lifts, and students now have the space and facilities they need to feel independent as they continue to enjoy learning in the fantastic new building.

Student Ryan Bainbridge (pictured below) presented the Ant & Dec with a special card from everyone at the school, and after stunning performances from the school samba drummers, some fabulous aerial dancers and an amazing troupe of Zulu warriors from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, the boys unveiled the official opening plaque to complete the day.

Find out more about Sir Charles Parson School.

Sir Charles Parson School's opening day

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