It's show time!

Red or Black?
14th August 2012

As we prepare for the return of the all new Red Or Black?, our show hosts with the most explain how the show has changed and what’s in store for the hopefuls we’ll see going head-to-head for the phenomenal prize money each week.

“We don’t start with thousands of contestants,” Ant explains. “On each show, we start with eight people in the studio, then half them down to four, then two, then one person plays the Red or Black end game.”

Stepping into the studio this week are: Policeman Imran, travel agent Sophie, account Manager Tom, dental nurse Emily, purchase ledger manager Vivienne, tap-dance tutor Jennie, finance manager Jeannette and pharmaceutical company worker Stuart.

It's show time!
It's show time!

“The good thing about starting with eight people and them staying with us longer is we get to know them a lot more,” Ant says. “We find out about their home life, relationships, aspirations, and we get to really care about them by the end.”

Unfortunately, this does nothing to ease the utter terror the nation is feeling when the final contestant steps up to make that crucial decision!

And if we’re on the edges of our sofas, you can only imagine that tension in the actual studio!

“They’ve really been through the mill and you just want that final person to win the money,” Dec says. “We’re so nervous - it must be hell for them! I can’t imagine what they must be going through!”

“By The Vortex game we’re really rooting for them and we know what they will do with the money,” Ant adds. “It makes us a lot closer to them.”

And whether they're dreaming of a new house or a holiday, a walk-in fridge, penguin march (yes, that’s what we said) or a spell milking a cow (that’s right), we'll all be right behind those contestants as the new series bursts back onto our screens!

Don’t miss the first Red or Black? on Saturday 18th August 7.15pm, ITV1

Brace yourselves people…

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