Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
14th November 2012

To celebrate ten years of the weird, wacky and wonderful world of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Ant & Dec count down their top ever bushtucker trials with The TV Times. Warning, this article contains vomit, rubbery kangaroo penis and a cockroach stuck up a nostril! NOT one for the faint-hearted!

Series eight, Bushtucker Bonanza featuring George Takei:

Ant: “George was very, very good. In one trial he was trying to eat a kangaroo penis… He munched on it for ages and and said, ‘It’s rubbery,’ to which we were dying to say ‘Thank you very much.’ But we stopped ourselves.

“We got a text from Ricky Gervais saying ‘you so wanted to say thank you very much. That’s my favourite moment of the series ever – the fact that you stopped yourselves doing it!’”

Series eleven, Fill Your Face Extreme featuring Fatima Whitbread:

Dec: “Dr Bob thought it was just a bit of grit or sand [stuck up Fatima’s nose]. He kept flushing out her nose, and then a cockroach came out at 100 miles an hour!”

Ant: “Fatima chased after it, put it into a water bottle and kept it.”

Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!
Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!

Series four, Hell Holes featuring Paul Burrell:

Ant: “This is our second favourite trail ever.”

Dec: “This was the first trial where we couldn’t stop laughing!”

Ant: “It wasn't just us; the crew were also in stitches. The guy on the hand-held camera had to pass it to his assistant because his shoulders were shaking so much!”

Series six, Jungle Spa featuring Dean Gaffney:

Ant: “This is our number one bushtucker trial. Dean didn’t know he was doing one – when we told him, he was sick in a bush… he panted, he screamed, he swore, he stamped his feet. Dec laughed so much I had to do all the links.

“When the trial finished, we said, ‘that’s either TV gold or the end of our career.’ Thankfully, it was TV gold.”

Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!
Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!

And last but not least…

Text Santa, Celebrity Cyclone featuring Ant & Dec:

Ant: “We did this trial for ITV1’s Text Santa. It was very hard physically, a lot toughter than I ever thought. The crew were laughing at us, because they’ve wanted to see us do a trial for years.”

Dec: “After 10 years of putting the celebrities through hell, they really went to town on us. It was fun and we managed to do it all, but I wouldn’t rush back to do it again!”

Ant & Dec reveal their best-ever bushtucker trials!

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