Got Talent? BGT wants to meet you!

Britain’s Got Talent
13th October 2022

Have you got a talent you'd like to share with the nation? Find out how you can apply for BGT Series 16!

Are you a singing sensation like Susan Boyle? Got funny bones like 2022 winner Axel Blake? Do you have the magic touch like Marc Spellman? Or the dancing dexterities of Diversity? If so, Britain’s Got Talent would love to hear from you!

Auditions are open to any performer, of any age, with any talent, and you can still apply now for Britain's Got Talent series 16 via whatsapp or by video, OR secretly nominate a group or an individual that you believe deserves to be on the BGT stage showing their talent to the nation!

Get inspired! Watch Axel Blake's winning moment below...

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